You’re Awesome. Thank You For Participating in #1QFriday…

#1QFridayThanks for taking my survey! I really appreciate it! If you’ve missed some of the results in the past, you can see the #1QFriday results here. Also…I am *really* trying to get 100+ responses each week. Want to help me out? I wrote out a tweet that you can share on Twitter. Just click here or copy and paste the following:

Have a second? Take @sportsologist‘s ONE question survey: #1QFriday

Also…have you signed up for my email list? Just for signing up, I’ll send you TWO examples from my “Guide To Numerical Perceptions” in addition to emails focused on consumer behavior insights. What do you have to lose? If you think my emails suck, you can always unsubscribe. 🙂

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